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Students are allowed to bring laptop and tablet in college and use free wi-fi in a break or leisure to support their study.

  Bagmati Modern College (bmcollege)
Why Bagmati Modern College?
One of the best colleges in valley ...
Located within 21 ropanis of land area ...





H. Mgmt.

    IPBOARD is a solid-state, impact-resistant interactive whiteboard combined with the PC and projector. It adopts the latest advanced and practical electromagnetic sensing technology. Operated by an electronic pen, the board can detect the writing and drawing position on the surface quickly and accurately, and send that information back to the PC simultaneously.
    With the electronic pen, the users can directly control applications from whiteboard, write, draw, edit, annotate, clean on it and also, users can enjoy other functions such as drag, spotlight, screen capture, screen recorder, handwriting recognition, text input, replay, web hyperlink and remote meeting.
    IPBOARD replaces the traditional whiteboard, and offers an interactive, creative, collaborative, effective and healthy teaching and working environment with convenient operation. Bagmati uses IPBOARD for teaching and learning process in all primary, secondary and higher secondary blocks.

      Favorite Sites:
Auditorium at the top floor…
Located at the top floor of the college building, Auditorium can accomodate upto 250 people and all the college programs are conducted here.
   Conference Hall
Located at the 4th floor …
Often different conferences are conducted in the conference hall. It can accomodate upto 50 people and built with modern infrastructure.


Every corridor, theory and practical lab is installed with CCTV camera to monitor student activities.

01  Primary Block
02  Secondary Block
03  Anual Sci. Exibi..
04  Valentine's Day
05  Academic Tour
06  Sports Week
07  Anual Farewell
08  Talent Competition
09  Orient. Prog. for XI
10  Education Day

A school is second home of the children. Scientists say that a child's knowledge doubles every eight years. In this ever going formative phase, every youth should opt for very comprehensive education in preparation for the life in the 21 century after college. A well educated child will be a nation's greatest asset. Parents want to see their children educated at the highest standard possible. Quality is the key to success. Thus it is natural for parents to invest significant portion of there income in their children's education. Striving for quality education is the need of the hour of the present day competitive world. Hence Bagmati Modern College was established to quench the thirst of real quality education at the private level at affordable fees.                                                               Chairman
Glimpse of sports day activities ...
Students enjoying in the school garden.
College students reading outdoor ...
Country's vice-president Permananda Jha visiting on school prgram ...
Guardian visiting the college.
Students leaving the college after class.
Basketball is the one of the most popular sports in the college. Almost all the boys, girls students and teachers enjoy this game during leisure.

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      Teachers and students are encouraged to send articles at, it should be in English, best will be selected and published on the college's website.


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
                                 NELSON MANDELA
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